November 20, 2009 1:10 PM

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Paks Nuclear Power Plant operates at 2000 MW power

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On 13 November 2009, Unit 3 of Paks Nuclear Power Plant has achieved 108% of its initial nominal power. Unit 4 has been operating safely and reliably since September 2006, along with Unit 1 since July 2007, and Unit 2 since December 2008, at a power level of 500 MW each.

The Power Upgrading Project Team of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd started the preparations in 2002 for the work to be carried out to increase the nominal electrical power of the Units to 500 MW from the previous value of 470 MW. (The 440 MW design power of the Units had been increased to 470 MW in the 90-ties as a result of efficiency improving modifications in the secondary circuit.)

The power upgrading of each Unit was carried out in the framework of a three-stage process, intended to achieve 100%, 104% and 108%, during which the Units were tested for safe operation at the given power level as part of a several-week long trial operation procedure. 
The equipment modifications required to achieve the power upgrading objectives were implemented as part of the annual maintenance work, in accordance with the relevant resolutions and time schedule issued by the Nuclear Safety Directorate of Hungarian Atomic Energy Agency.
The most important ones of such modifications were as follows: The introduction of new design fuel assemblies to allow the power upgrading, the modernisation of the in-core monitoring system, the reconstruction of the primary pressure control system, and the modification of the turbine and the turbine control system.    

Unit 3 had been operating at 105% from the completion of maintenance outage in 2008, and following the turbine modifications carried out during the maintenance outage in 2009, it was upgraded to 500 MW.

Thanks to the Power Upgrading Project Team, all four Units have been operating at increased power from the present day, thus the total nominal capacity of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd is 2000 MW.

Paks, 13 November 2009

István Mittler
Communications Director